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Color Healing

Healing with color is an amazing healing work!

Using your intention, you are able to access colors of a very high vibration.  Colors (along with your intention) can be used for healing any issue, whether mental, emotional , physical or spiritual.

Healing using your intention requires practice and experience to determine which colors to use and where to use them.

This class will give you guidelines and beginning knowledge of using color for healing or integrating the use of color for healing into your current healing practice.

This class is excellent for experienced practitioners who already use a healing modality and want to add this work to it.  You can also take the class as a beginner for your own use.  It is helpful to have basic knowledge of chakras and energy systems.

You will learn to use color healing for Auras, Chakras, Glands, Organs and learn the effect of different colors for different issues and areas.  

I will take questions for how you can integrate this work into your current practice.

Included in this webinar is me tuning in to my Guidance and sending you a follow-up email to share specific colors to use for yourself and how or why to use them, for you to use color for healing on yourself and to have an additional example on the use of colors for healing.  I will also quickly send colors through intention to you for the recommended areas when I send you the follow-up email.

This class is $47 to add this tool to your current healing practice.  Purchase this class below to receive access to the Color Healing recorded training replay.

You will receive access to the replay and will get just as much out of it that way.  You can also email questions to me after if needed.  And, I will be sending  a follow-up color reading prescription and healing to you within a few days after accessing the training so you can begin your color healing right away and you will have an example of how to use color on yourself on an issue.  You will also receive a color healing manual and energy system handout to use as a resource in your healing work. Watching the webinar is like receiving a color healing!

Color Healing Training                             $47.00

 You can receive a certificate by email upon request.


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" I just wanted to write and thank you for the great class today!  I didn’t feel the gold come in but I know that it is there.

So, after the class my fear of letting go has lessened and I almost feel angry. My dad used to say you'll never get over it till you get angry with it. It feels like the gold is helping me stand on my own.

Being stronger in my base is sure to help me raise my vibration and attract all things that are for my greatest good. I don't doubt ALL areas of my life need this solidity!!

Thank you for that gift!! The class was totally worth the drive!!  Gratefully , Jan"

Jan Riddle, Bucksport, Maine



Color Healing


Andrea Beaudoin


Andrea Beaudoin